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Tomorrow is the Winter Soltice.  Every year it seems to have more significance for me, a time to embrace both the darkness and the light as well as the silence.  It is a time to slow down, turn inward, and look for simplicity and authenticity.

  Welcome, rest.

 “We must remind ourselves that we can only see the stars when it is dark, and the darker it is, the brighter the light breaking through.”

–Anne Lamott


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On Grieving

I think Katie Couric said something about not planning to become the expert on death and grieving, and I felt the same way.  But grieving has been so much a part of my life for the past 10 years, and the reason that for so many of those years I felt lost.   “I once described losing my mother as like the sky suddenly falling down.” –ellen on Standup to Cancer on Facebook.

It’s been 10 years since I lost my mom but she loved Christmas, so it’s very hard and has never been the same. I lost my dad just before Thanksgiving in 2006. I lost my 12-year-old faithful dog in July.  In our society there’s a pressure to “move on” and accept our losses. Grieving is different for everyone.

At the California (now called The) Women’s Conference this year they addressed the subject, because of course Maria Shriver lost her mother and uncle this year. You can watch her speech and a panel discussion with Elizabeth Edwards, Patrick Swayze’s wife, and another mother who lost a child at http://www.californiawomen.org.  Let’s continue the dialogue so we can honor those we have lost and know that we are not alone.

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