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This weekend I took part in Jennifer Louden’s virtual retreat.  I did only two of the live calls, however, because on Saturday I didn’t feel well plus there were toll charges.  They had the recordings up in about an hour afterward though, so they were immediately available at no phone charges.  I think if I had listened to every one my brain would have been overloaded.  I just can’t process as much information as I used to.

I was feeling anxious on Saturday about the way I was feeling because I have gone to the ER more than once with similar symptoms.  I found the only thing that really relaxed me was listening to a recording of ocean waves.  I  later realized that hugging and petting Cubbie would have probably have done it, too.

I treated myself to some lovely flowers and added my candles called “hope, dream, and love”.  Next time I will add my story beads “clarity and balance”.  I plan to retreat for at least a day once a month, and adding some home spa treatments.  I also sat outside for the first time in months which I really enjoyed.  I noticed my parsley and oregano are coming back despite the cold nights because of the unusual amount of rain we’ve had.  Ahhhh, life is good.


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