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I haven’t written here in over a year, and yesterday I saw this quote and immediately understood it was the reason I have been stuck. I tend to be too much in my head and over-analyze almost anything.  It won’t be easy, though, because I have to re-learn how to listen to my heart.  I made some bad decisions in my life, so I began not to trust my heart.
Another insight I have had lately is that faith is a journey, not a destination. It is ongoing and seems to change with the current frame of mind. I still envy my friends with unshakeable faith, but I also see that faith leads to a blindness to the excesses and transgressions of the church. I won’t say any more about that because it’s not my role to judge.


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I have always loved that line from “One of These Nights” by the Eagles.  I think that’s where I’ve been these past few months.  I once Googled it (or maybe it was “Shadows and Light”) and got some porn site, but even that isn’t as yucky as getting another one when I Googled “Disney Girls” as in the Beach Boys song.

The Winter Solstice and Season of Light of the various holidays draw us once more to the Light.  As you probably know, 2012 is supposed to be a tumultuous year.  My most trusted sources say the end of the Mayan calendar in December will not be the end of the Earth as others are saying.  Personally, I do feel it will be a powerful and life-changing year, but that is only based on my instincts.

My word for the year is Clarity, and I also have a vision of  “Embracing the Seasons” instead of reacting to them or ignoring them.  I have found two resources for this journey:  “The Sacred Journey Daily Journal for Your Soul 2012” and the “We’Moon 2012 Gaia Rhythms for Women” weekly calendars.  I’m not posting links because I’m not in any way affiliated with them, and I haven’t really used them yet.  You can Google them if your’re interested.  The first doesn’t have any photographs but has a lot of room for journaling and reflection.  The second does not have a lot of room for writing but is full of beautiful art and poetry.  Both relate to the earth and seasons.

With all of the bizarre weather of the last year, I feel that connecting to and healing the Earth is one of my top priorities.

Blessings for a peaceful, happy, and Earth-friendly New Year.

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“I did not fail at being a basketball player nor did poetry fail me.  More accurately, my inwardness evolved with enough life experience, so that moving bodily in the air evolved into the poet’s dance of feeling which then evolved into the spirit’s grace of being.  I no more failed in my desire to be a basketball player than the cocoon fails the butterfly, though the form of the dream was painful to lose.

 “Living up to a dream is rarely as important as entering it for all it has to teach.”

~~Mark Nepo, “The Book of Awakening”

Reading those words this morning made my heart sing.  Lately I have been so full of regret for the dreams that I let go, and even have been trying to bring them back.  He goes on to give a list of questions to ask yourself about the dream(s).  This will be so helpful as I sort out what to let go of and what to pursue again, perhaps in a different manner.

I almost didn’t buy this book, which is supposedly on Oprah’s nightstand.  I thought it might be over my head.  But the more I read it, the more I realize it’s going to be another daybook I read over and over (like “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach and “The Awe-Manac” by Jill Badonsky).   I want to create my own daybook for my personal use, because I have been collecting quotes for many years.  I decided I want it to have my own photographs, so that will take some time, but it will be fun and a way of preserving what speaks to me.

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Sherri at Serene Journey asked this question (actually, her husband asked her).  If there was no limit to what you could do, what would you do?

At first I thought, I’d have an animal rescue–on the ocean!– but it expanded from there.  I would have a healing center, where animals are healed by people and visa versa.  There would also be art and music therapy, even an artists’ colony.  It would be like Chataucqua in the summer, with performances and workshops.  You could also explore different paths of spirituality.  All right, this is getting a little carried away, but why not dream big?  And there would be a healing garden, tended by anyone who wished to.  There could also be a day care like the one I read about where senior citizens who no longer have young children in their lives come and help out for the day.  That’s another win-win situation.

And maybe it should be in Hawaii so the weather is always good!  Or San Diego or Monterey.  Now I just have to think of a name to take the visualization even further.  Is anyone with the last name  of Winfrey, Gates, or Branson reading this blog?

Asilomar State Beach, California

(I included this picture because I love the retreat center shown in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie, “The Shift.”)

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